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    Webutil demo not working ?

      Hello experts,

      recently i install and configure according to steps:
      1. Run create_webutil_db.sql
      a. CREATE USER webutil IDENTIFIED BY webutil
      b. Grant connect, resource to webutil
      c. Connect webutil/webutil
      d. @[ORACLE_HOME]/forms/create_webutil_db.sql
      e. Create public synonym webutil_db for webutil.webutil_db;
      f. Connect sys as sysdba
      g. Grant execute on webutil_db to public;
      2. Copy and download Jacob from
      a. Unzip the jacob download and place jacob.jar in the
      ORACLE_HOME/forms/java directory
      b. backup sign_webuitl.bat script in [ORACLE_INSTANCE]/bin/sign_webutil.sh
      c. search for <Your KEYSTORE password> and replace it with welcome1 (or
      something like this)
      d. search for <Your private key password> and replace it with welcome1 (or
      something like this)
      e. Save the script and use it to sign jacob.jar as below
      f. [ORACLE_INSTANCE]/bin/sign_webutil.sh
      3. Place jacob.dll in the ORACLE_HOME/forms/webutil/ directory
      4. Jacob.dll in r2 – file names must be verified against webutil.cfg file
      a. Place jacob-1.14.3-x86.dll in the ORACLE_HOME/forms/webutil/win32
      b. Place jacob-1.14.3-x64.dll in the ORACLE_HOME/forms/webutil/win64
      5. Using weblogic EM console, Add ORACLE_HOME/forms/java/frmall.jar to the
      CLASSPATH in the default.env
      6. Update formsweb.cfg webutil section with the following if not already
      a. Add frmwebutil.jar and jacob.jar to the WebutilArchive parameter in the
      [webutil] configuration section. For some versions of 11g, this is already
      b. Specify webutil_demo as the form to be run in the [webutil]
      configuration section
      7. Download webutil demo from link below, extract and put the contents in
      a folder
      8. Copy ffisamp.dll to the <ORACLE_HOME>\forms\webutil directory.
      9. Open your webutil.cfg file and add the following line
      10. If not already done do the following in webutil.cfg
      a. transfer.appsrv.workAreaRoot=c:\temp
      b. transfer.appsrv.accessControl=TRUE
      c. transfer.database.enabled=TRUE
      d. transfer.appsrv.enabled=TRUE
      11. Add the folder in FORMS_PATH in enterprise manager
      12. Replace db and run the following command:
      a. frmcmp.sh module=webutil_demo.fmb module_type=form
      userid=webutil/webutil@<db> compile_all=yes
      b. FORMS_PATH variable and make sure webutil.pll folder is available in the
      path or run the above command from command shell in the folder where webutil.pll
      is available
      13. Restart opmnctl and wls_forms weblogic instance
      14. Run the webutil
      running the url:

      logon window appear, after login following mess comes:
      frm-40735: when-custom-item-event trigger raised
      unhendled exception ora: 06502


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          Matthew D.
          Did you compile webutil.pll ?

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            yes.. i did compile....
            reattach it...
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              Matthew D.
              What about form wu_test_106.fmb?
              I always test webutil with this form to see that is everything ok.
              Which webutil.pll are you using?


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                Michael Ferrante-Oracle
                There are a few things you did not mention or were unclear about.

                1. Exactly which Forms version are you using? In order to do what you described, you should be using 11.1.2.x. Forms 11.1.1 or older will not work using the instructions you referred to.

                2. I assume you just copied and pasted the instructions in your post because you included steps like this: "+ 3. Place jacob.dll in the ORACLE_HOME/forms/webutil/ directory+ ". If you downloaded the correct Jacob, you won't have a jacob.dll file.

                3. You said, " +b. FORMS_PATH variable and make sure webutil.pll folder is available + ". At runtime, FORMS_PATH will need access to webutil.plx and webutil_demo.fmx. The pll and fmb are for design time only. In the past, we permitted the use of ungenerated libraries (pll) at runtime, but this is no longer the case. You should always use the "X" file.

                4. You did not mention any of the client information. OS, browser and version, JRE and version, etc. If the client OS is 64bit and you are running Forms 11.1.2, you have the option of using either the 32bit or 64bit Internet Explorer versions. However, you must have a matching JRE. In other words, if you are using 32bit IE, you must also use the 32bit JRE. For 64bit IE you must use the 64bit JRE.

                5. If you are attempting to use Java 7 on the client, you must be running Forms

                6. Someone asked if you compiled webutil.plx. Did you do this before or after you generated the form (webutil_demo.fmx)? If you generated the form before the library, I would recommend regenerating the form. Again, be sure to include the compile_all=yes option.
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                  There can be a few reasons why the FRM-40735 can be appearing in this scenario. I would definitely check the following in your Forms environment:

                  1. Are webutil.olb, webutil.pll, webutil.plx, webutil_demo.fmb, and webutil_demo.fmx located in the FORMS_PATH? Most likely, this should be $ORACLE_HOME/forms unless the FORMS_PATH was modified in an environment file (.env).
                  2. Check the file permissions on the modules mentioned above. We have found that if the source and compiled modules do not have read or execute privileges, this error (or even FRM-40010: Cannot read form) can come up.

                  If both conditions above are satisfied and you still experience the error, there has been a known issue with Oracle Forms 11g (11gR1 and 11gR2) where the webutil.pll library might need to be reattached to the form in order to move it to the top of the "Attached Libraries" in Forms Builder. After saving and compiling the form after making this edit, the form should load without a problem. For more information, feel free to review the article http://pitss.com/us/2012/10/08/frm-40735-webutil-errors-in-64-bit-server-environment. Although the article references Forms, this will apply to all Oracle 11g Forms versions.

                  Scott (PITSS)