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    Snapshot option in OVM

      Hi All,

      I have Oracle VM Manager 2.2.0 installed and on top of that 5 VMs of Oracle Enterprise Linux 10g and 11g created. Now I want to take snapshot of one of that VM but I don't see any option in Oracle VM MAnager , I have one option for cloning but cloning take more space.

      Can any one guide me is there any option like snapshot available in OVM ?

      Thanks in advance....
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          I don't know much of anything about 2.2.0 but there is no such thing as a true "snapshot" in Oracle VM 3 and later.... were you just track on going changes. Cloning is your option. I don't know what you want to do with a "snapshot"... but I use snapshots on my storage side for backups.
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            Hi user12273962 ,

            thanks for your reply.

            I want to use snapshot reason is I saw disk partition failure on server reboot and then we try to repair it but never succeed and have to suffer from disk partition data loss. If I have a snapshot ( 2-3 days back) then can revert back those snapshot and get the environment ready with some data loss..

            Cloning will take exact amount of VM disk space. My VM size is more than 400GB so again spare hundred of GBS for cloning is not possible.

            Please guide if you know anyother option.

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              Did you get a superblock error? Sometimes those errors can be confusing and often lead to someone making a bad choice in how to deal with it.

              I have a recommendation but you have to have the hardware to do it. You can hot clone from a iscsi or FC repository. (personally never tried it but it is supported). You could then clone to a path that has "dedupliation" and "compression" enabled. (storage has to support this). In today's storage environments "deduplication" and "compression" can greatly reduce the footprint needed to make clones. If your VM guest are very similar.... you will not need all that much space to do this.