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    Label formatting on vertical tabular form - Bug?

      Hi all,
      Apex 4.2, 11g

      I have a tabular form set with report template set to Default Vertical Report, Look 1 and I am trying to change the color of the labels. For example, I would like the label for Deptno to be changed to <font color="red">* Deptno</font>.
      I can change it when the report template is something else, just not with the vertical look.
      Any help would be appreciated!

      I have posted an example here:


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          Ramesh P, Oracle APEX Developer
          Try to add span to report header for deptno
          <span style="color:red;">Department Number</span>
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            Thank you but the problem is that it is not working for the report template that i am using: Vertical  Report, Look 1.
            If I add that code to the Column Heading it does not work. It works for other templates though. That is my problem.

            I have played around with the CSS Class and CSS Style under Column Formatting but can't get what I want. There also seems to be a rogue
            ">{code} in there too if I add something to the class or style.
            Any other suggestions?
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              Ok, so I figured out what the problem is and I think it may be a bug in the template for the tabular report I am using.

              So I wanted my column label to look like this : <font color="red">* </font><font color="blue">Program 1.</font>
              so I added the code to the CSS Style field under Column Attributes:
              <span style="color:red">* </span><span style="color:blue">Program </span>
              It didn't work and it was displaying something weird. After using Firebug I noticed that the CSS was showing up as
              <span color:red"="" style="<span style=">*</span>
              <span style="color:blue">Program</span>
              So in order for it to look the way I wanted it to I had to put this in the field instead:
              color:red">* </span><span style="color:blue">Program</span><span style="color:#FFFFF"> </span><span style="color:blue
              I had to put the white space (#FFFFF) in there to put a space between the label name and the trailing number. I am assuming that the template is messed up but I was able to work around it. Unless someone can see something otherwise?