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    Passing values from table type to Oracle Object type

      Hi All,

      I have created the below types and oracle objects.

      create or replace type T_SETDEL_RESP_REC as object
      respCode number,
      respDesc varchar2(255)
      create or replace type T_EMA_NP_RANGE_LNPTICKET_REC as object
      ticket number

      create or replace type T_RANGE_TICKET_TAB AS TABLE OF T_RANGE_TICKET_REC

      The following type is created in the Package specification
      type t_resp_rec IS RECORD
      resp_code number,
      resp_desc varchar2(255)

      I have the following two procedures
      Procedure getResponse(p_call_request_id IN number, p_resp_rec IN t_setdel_resp_rec,
      p_range_ticket_tab IN t_range_icket_tab, p_endof_event IN varchar)

      PROCEDURE ProcessResponse(p_call_request_id IN number, p_resp_rec IN t_resp_rec,
      p_ticket_tab IN t_ticket_tab, p_endof_event IN varchar2)

      The getResponse procedure is a wrapper procedure exposed to Java to pass values.
      The ProcessResponse procedure is a main procedure where all logics and business rules are handled.

      The Problem is:
      How can I pass the values from getResponse procedure to ProcessResponse procedure. So that rules and validations are applied.
      Please note the p_ticket_tab may have many ticket numbers corresponding to p_call_request_id.

      Values Eg:
      p_call_request_id = 1
      p_resp_rec (1234, 'Error found')
      p_range_ticket_tab (1,2,3,4,5)
      p_endof_event = 'Y'

      Kindly help to achieve this.

      Thanks in advance,