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    Audit by Exception

      I'm testing some auditing using Oracle's built in Audit Trail. I'm currently having an issue setting up the users I want to audit for login. The command for all users successful login is: AUDIT CREATE SESSION BY ACCESS WHENEVER SUCCESSFUL; and I can customize by adding specific users as in: audit create session BY user1, user2, user3 BY ACCESS WHENEVER SUCCESSFUL; But I cannot audit by exception using syntax like: audit create session NOT by app1, app2, app3 BY ACCESS WHENEVER SUCCESSFUL; I want to do it this way because I do not want to audit my application accounts. I only want to audit user accounts. If I have to list every user then that means i have to change the command every time a user is added or removed. The application accounts rarely change. Any ideas on how to set this up so I don't have to constantly edit? Can I use a role, profile or a table? I didn't find anything on the web.