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    PLSQL Unit Testing using Oracle SQL Developer with REF CURSOR issue

      Here is a very simple procedure that i am using for testing Ref cursor with Oracle SQL Developer
      CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE UNIT_TEST_REPOS.get_emp_rs (p_employee_id    IN  Employees.Employee_Id%type ,
                            p_recordset OUT SYS_REFCURSOR) AS 
        Open P_Recordset For
      Select name  From Employees  
        Where Employee_Id > p_employee_id; 
      END get_emp_rs;
      I could not past images so i am putting exaclty what I see on screen.
      Test Implementaion 1
      h1. Parameter                        Datatype                  IN/OUT                    INPUT                                  Result                                      Test Result
      h2. P_employee_Id                NUMBER                    IN                           P_employee_id(500)                  blank here                                uncheck
      h2. P_RECORDSET                 REF CURSOR               OUT                      (blank here)                             P_RECORDSET$                           check
      under dynamic query i have put following
        select cursor(Select 'Andy'  name from dual  ) as P_RECORDSET       
           from dual
      I created a implementation and when try to execute I got following on debug mode. I am still not sure why it says P_RECORDSET : Expected: [null] while i have mentioned the value should be compared with Dynamic Value Query. 
      The following procedure was run.
      Execution Call
      Bind variables used
      :1              NUMBER          IN     500                                     
      :2              REF CURSOR      OUT    (null)                                  
      Execution Results
      P_RECORDSET : Expected: [null], Received: [NAME                                                                                                                                                                                                     
      Can any one point what is wrong with OUT refcursor ? I also need helpon IN/OUT ref cursor?

      Thank you so much,

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