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    Finding enabled locales/dimensions and their respective ids for a site

      I am trying to find all the locales/dimensions which are enabled for a particular site, and their respective ids.
      I have tried using this code:

      webResource = webResource.path("/userlocales");
                     Builder builder = webResource.accept(MediaType.APPLICATION_XML);
                     UserLocalesBean enabledAssets = (UserLocalesBean) builder.get(UserLocalesBean.class);
                     List<UserLocale> userLocList=enabledAssets.getUserLocales();

      But this gives a list of all the locales in the entire system and not per site basis.

      Currently I am accessing the DIMENSION table directly to find out the enabled dimensions and their respective ids, but this is just a temporary solution.

      Can anyone pointout how to use the API to find the enabled locales and their respective ids for a particular site ?