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    Need to load Java 6 U27 Error 5

      hello I need to reload this version. I had a virus and the computer was cleaned but they screwed up my Java 6 U27.

      So I went to uninstall and reinstall and now it won't let me install it.

      It said load an earlier vesion and then upgrade to 27.

      I am loading earlier versions but each time i get this:

      Installer : Wrapper.CreatFile failed with error 5: Acess is denied

      Can anyone help me?

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          Welcome to the forum!

          When you post a question like this it isn't enough to say 'I have a problem'. You need to provide information about your OS and environment.

          Read this Microsoft response to a user that had your EXACT problem.

          Installer: Wrapper.CreateFile failed with error 123: The filename, directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect.