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    exadata version

      How can I tell version of exadata machine I'm connected to?
      Mean whether X2, X3-2. X3-8 ....

      example: machinemodel=X2-2 Full rack
      A file named config.dat is mentioned in this doc

      but I could not find that file on server I'm connected to (DB Host)

      Any command, file I could use to get machinemodel?

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          One option would be to run "grep OneCommand /opt/oracle.SupportTools/onecommand/preconf.csv" from the first compute node. It **should** tell you what you're working with. For example, here's what's on my X2-2 half rack:
          [enkdb01:root] /opt/oracle.SupportTools/onecommand
          grep OneCommand /opt/oracle.SupportTools/onecommand/preconf.csv

          # OneCommand,124,X2-2 HALF RACK,4,7
          You could also just check the hosts file (possibly) to see how many cells and compute nodes are in there, and look at something like the CPU/memory totals from the compute node. For CPUs, if /proc/cpuinfo shows 16 CPUs, it's a V2, 24 CPUs, it's an X2, and 32 CPUs, it's an X3. If free -g shows 72GB - it's a V2, 96GB or 144GB - it's an X2, if it shows 128GB or 256GB, it's an X3. IF you show 1TB or 2TB, it's an X2-8 or X3-8. The difference between an X2-8 and an X3-8 is on the storage layer, so you'd have to look there to check.

          Hope this helps!
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            Marc Fielding
            Very good question! Another way would be to run dmidecode -s system-product-name to find out the machine model number (Sun X4800 for an X2-8 DB server for example). And Google, say, X4800 Exadata to find out what Exadata hardware release it corresponds to.

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              Thanks Andy,

              mine reads:
              # OneCommand,XXX,X3-2 Half Rack HC 3TB

              Does HC mean it only has 3 TBytes of High Capacity Disks?
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                Marc Fielding
                "HC 3TB" means that you have the model with 3TB drives rather older ones that had 2TB drives. Your total capacity machine-wide will be considerably more.

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                  Thanks Marc, and HC is "High Capacity" as opposed to HP "High Performance". is that so?
                  Was wondering why it listed HC disks only
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                    Marc Fielding
                    Hi sulimo,

                    When you buy a half-rack of Exadata X2, you must choose either high capacity (HC) or high performance (HP) disks. Based on the output you list, it looks like you purchased the HC version, meaning that your storage servers are populated with 3TB disks.


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                      Thanks Marc, it's actually X3, but I would believe same rule applies when it comes to storage option, does it not?
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                        For X3 you have options of 600Gb for HP and 3TB for HC.
                        All disks will be either HP or HC , i.e you cannot mix HP and HC in the same rack ( though you can connect an expansion rack with a different type of disk.)

                        In the early X2 and V2 days the HC option was a 2Tb option, however that option is no longer available.
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                          Saurabh Gupta-OC
                          Yes Robin, you are right.

                          We have similar configuration where we had Exadata V2 model then we added exapansion with 3TB-HC disks.