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    Resolve trouble between Parallels and Windows under Boot Camp

      After seeing several threads relating to this issue, I decided to make this it's own thread instead of trying to reply to each. hopkinsvscloudlivestream.blogspot.com/2013/03/watch-hopkins-vs-cloud-live-stream-2013.html This article NOW resolves all issues pertaining to using Windows under Boot Camp through Parallels, INCLUDING activation. Hopefully Parallels will be able to integrate these fixes into a future release.

      Before doing anything, I would recommend preparing your existing Windows installation under Boot Camp, for Parallels, before trying to access it through Parallels. If you have already installed Parallels and now have problems, don't worry, this article should address and resolve these issues as well.

      Something to know upfront: using your existing Boot Camp installation with Parallels will most likely require you to activate your Windows installation a second time. The reasons for this are addressed in Section 4 of this article.

      Section 1: Preparing your Boot Camp Installation for Parallels
      (If you already tried to access your Boot Camp installation through Parallels, and can no longer get into Windows through Boot Camp or Parallels, please skip this step and come back to it after you have completed Section 2.)