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Unable to unzip

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I am unable to unzip the file to c:\sqlDeveloper. I have JDK installed already and JAVA_HOME is set. I don't think it is necessary to unzip the download. I tried 3 times already. I get a dialog saying "Invalid compressed data to extract". When I click Ok, i get another dialog "Would you like Winzip to try to continue with the next file?". I clicked "Yes". Then I get another dialog "Unable to find the local header for sqldeveloper\dataminer\dem...\StarSchemaMining.xml".

i get another dialog "Would you like Winzip to try to continue with the next file?". I clicked "Yes".Then I get another dialog "Unable to find the local header for sqldeveloper\dataminer\demos\cuec...\TextMining.xml".

I downloaded from

Please help. Thanks.
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    Jeff Smith SQLDev PM ACE Moderator
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    Can you try downloading the zip again? You do need to extract the archive to be able to run SQL Developer.
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    Please try to download SQL Developer again from this link and try it
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    I tried again using Goole Chrome. Still unable to unzip using Winzip.

    Extracting to "C:\"
    Use Path: yes Overlay Files: no
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\demos\cuecards\GettingStarted\identify.xml
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\demos\cuecards\StarSchemaMining\StarSchemaMining.xml
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\demos\cuecards\TextMining\TextMining.xml
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\demos\cuecards\Transformations\Transformations.xml
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\demos\obe\StarSchemaMining\StarSchemaMining.xml
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\demos\obe\TextMining\TextMining.xml
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\demos\obe\UsingOracleDataMiner\Targeting_Best_Customers.xml
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\XMLSchema.xsd
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\alterDBRestrictSession.sql
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\alterDBUnRestrictSession.sql
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\alterUserDefaultRole.sql
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\createuser.sql
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\createusersgrantbackup.sql
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\createxmlworkflowsbackup.sql
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\createxmlworkflowsbackup2.sql
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\disconnectODMRSessions.sql
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\dmsh.sql
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\dmshgrants.sql
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\dropDemoData.sql
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\dropPublicSynonyms.sql
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\dropRepository.sql
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\dropRepositoryAndUserObjects.sql
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\dropRole.sql
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\dropSHDemoData.sql
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\dropSchedulerObjects.sql
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\dropUserTablesViews.sql
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\dropusergrants.sql
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\instDemoData.sql
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\instInsurCustData.sql
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\install_scripts_readme.html
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\installodmr.sql
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\instgrants.sql
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\instmessages.sql
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\instmessages_de.sql
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\instmessages_en.sql
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\instmessages_es.sql
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\instmessages_fr.sql
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\instmessages_it.sql
    Extracting sqldeveloper\dataminer\scripts\instmessages_ja.sql
    Invalid compressed data to extract.
    Compressed data is invalid.
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    Downloads fine (with FireFox) for me and also unzips fine (with default Win Explorer extract, 7-Zip, or unzip.exe that ships with Oracle).

    The zip file must be getting corrupted during download. If your internet connection is not stable, why not pick one of the available download managers? Check out the link to the Wikipedia article from here:

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    Thanks! I was able to do it via FireFox and windows explorer.

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