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    "do_bys_alloc_contig" error when booting text install CD as xen domU


      I am testing Solaris 11.1. I want to run it in xen as a guest, with NetBSD 6.0.1 serving as dom0. I have an amd64 desktop. I tried both paravirtualization and full virtualization (HW accelerated) that is avaliable in Xen and neither was working for me.

      When attempting the paravirtualization, booting the instalation CD fails with:

      do_bys_alloc_contig: 'align' 0x40816f40 is less than MMU_PAGESIZE 0x40816f80
      Press any key to reboot.

      I know this message comes from Solaris' kernel, not from Xen or any other component. I have been unable to figure out what does that mean and what can I do about it.

      There is one other report of the same problem here http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/xen/users/272735

      What is do_bys_alloc_contig? What is 'align' in this context? Can I somehow change 'align' or MMU_PAGESIZE to make do_bys_alloc_contig happy?