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      • 15. Re: TNS-03505: Failed to resolve name
        969352 wrote:
        If the TNS alias matches the ORACLE_SID, then all is OK.

        In my case , i mentioned uniq names. So i should use net sevice_name from tnsnames.ora

        In my env training session : always using same name  so i  got confused. (sid_name , tns_alias_name , global_name)

        Thank you very much sb;
        You still have a lot of confusion about how it all fits together. You may have got it working, but you really don't understand WHY.

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          Thanks Ed Stevens ..

          I red your blog . It pretty well explained. Given informations are very beyond from my llittle knowledge.

          *I need to learn  many things to understand  experts  blogs [ http://edstevensdba.wordpress.com/2011/02/09/sqlnet_overview/]*

          - Thanks for kind help ..
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