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    Grid Control : Custom SQL Metrics.and Alerting.

      I need to set up email alerts on a custom sql metric that I have created.

      Here is what I have done so far in Enterprise manager grid control.

      1) Login to EMGC
      2) Select host then the target on the host.
      3) Select "User-Defined Metrics" on lower Right hand side.
      4) Created my custom sql script "CUSTOM_CHECK" Return either 0 success or 1 failure
      5) Saved it.

      I'm trying to setup an email alert , when the script runs and generates a failure.
      Also I have 10 other databases on 2 hosts , where I need this script to execute and be monitored.
      Do I need to create the sql metric for each target on each host? Or is there a simpler way of doing this.

      How do I define this in GC, so that it traversese across all dataabases.