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    solaris 11 installed along with windows 7: no bootable devices found...

      single hard disk, windows 7 is installed on drive C -- primary

      drive F -- logical partition, windows xp installed.

      drive G -- logical partition, newly created for installing solaris 11, ntfs system.

      solaris live dvd was used to install solaris 11, during the installation, I selected the drive G to install the system, and change the partition from ntfs to solaris2.

      However, when reboot, no operating systems can be detected, no grub, no bootloader whatsoever.

      I looked into another similar thread in this forum with similar problem, and boot the system up using the Live DVD, and ran command like: installgrub -mf /boot/grub/stage1 etc, etc, but the problem is under /boot/grub folder there are no stage1 or stage2 files.

      Later on, I downloaded the GParted 0.11 Live CD, and repartitioned drive G as linux-swap (formated as well), and reinstalled solaris 11 on this partition, no luck at all.

      Could anyone tell what is the problem.