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    RAC installation errors...VIP problem, I think

      As expected I'm having a dreadful time trying to install RAC11.2. on two CentOS vms created under VirtualBox.
      I have created all the directories, users, permissions, etc. All the pre-req work is done and works fine. SSh is configured and the software is downloaded, ASM disks set up correctly, etc. The preInstallation checks go fine and the oraInst and root.sh scripts execute successfully.
      Then the grid installation follows. I registers an error stating the Oracle Network Configuration failed. I couldn't find anything in the logs except an warning that "could not communicate with crsd" (??). Anyway, I skipped the error and grid installtion completed (with a warning that some components didn't succeed).

      I proceeded with the database installation which also failed unsurprisingly.
      This time it stated "Node Application Existence" failed.

      I am beginning to wonder if that is related to the Network failure during grid installation. The installActions log just says Node Application Existence Severity:Ciritical OverallStatus:OPERATION_FAILED.

      Doesn't explain much.....so here I am....clueless as to where to go next. One thing that bothers me is the concept of the -vip addresses. Obviously I assigned ip addresses to the interfaces in the OS and then coded them into /etc/hosts but for node1-vip and node2-vip I just put those names and random ip addresses into the hosts file. I didn't assign them to any device or anything. I can't ping these -vip addresses...should I be able to?

      Any help much appreciated.