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    Why oss.oracle.com has been abandoned?


      Could anyone tell me why Oracle has abandoned the idea of oss.oracle.com with Linux package repositories
      and decided to make deployment of their free products a real PITA?
      How does it fit the term commitment [1] in Oracle's Support for Open Source and Open Standards?

      [1] http://www.oracle.com/us/technologies/open-source/index.htm

      Best regards,
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          It does not look abandoned to me, but could it be that you are not aware of http://public-yum.oracle.com and using YUM to install software? I can't think of an easier way to obtain or install the software. Are you looking for downloading the RPM files?
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            What particular project are you referring to ?

            The ones I use from OSS (rpms for EBIZ) are ok, as don't need to be updated each week or month

            for the other projects, they have been integrating the software into kernel-uek (say ocfs2 btrfs and asmlib)

            For other projects, I will like to see more movement on the oss git, looks like they aren't updating kernel-2.6.39 for example.

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              I believe I aimed to post my question to the [Oracle Database Express Edition (XE)|https://forums.oracle.com/forums/forum.jspa?forumID=251] forum.
              Is that possible moderators moved it here to Oracle Linux forum? Perhaps, because I tagged it with linux and debian tags.

              Anyway, I'm Oracle XE user. I frequently need to perform non-interactive installation of the database in continuous integration environments.
              With Debian repositories at oss.oracle.com it was very easy and convenient.
              But, Oracle apparently has decided to make the process harder.

              Best regards,

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                Debian is not or no longer a supported OS for Oracle XE. See the requirements at http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17781_01/install.112/e18802/toc.htm#CIHFEBGE. Perhaps that explains it.
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                  Yes, I know this common chant.

                  Is there Oracle 11g and Oracle Instant Client available directly form those yum repositories?

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                    Oracle database products, including Oracle XE are not open source or GNU GPL. I would not even expect Oracle to distribute such software through oss.oracle.com or public yum.

                    You can call it "common chant" or perhaps think it is nonsense, but Oracle 10g is obsolete and Debian Linux is not a supported Linux distribution. You may question why Oracle decided to do this, but I'm afraid it will not change your situation.

                    For what it's worth, installing Oracle database on unsupported Linux is possible and I wrote several step by step instructions, but nevertheless it is not supported and continues to be a challenge as new Linux OS releases introduce fundamental and incompatible changes that require special addressing of problems.
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                      @Dude The source openess (or not) and licensing aspects are perfectly clear and obvious to me, and I don't even dare to question them.

                      My point is on deployment matter. It boils down to the question simple as this:

                      If Oracle claims that Red Hat is supported OS, then what is URL of Oracle's RPM repository with packages of Oracle Database XE 11g and related Instant Client for the supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux system, so I can install those packages with yum - the native package manager on those supported systems?

                      Best regards,
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                        Oracle 11g XE and 11g Instant Client are available as RPM from:

                        (took me 5 seconds in Google)

                        You can download these rpm files and then use yum to install the software specifying the rpm filename as the package name. Download access is only through a web browser, I guess to make you agree to the license agreements.
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                          That "tyically not installed via the Red Hat Package Manager" is exactly the manifestation of aforementioned lack of commitment that I'm pointing out.
                          Claim about supporting Red Had without supporting its native means of software deployment is a false claim.

                          (it took me 7 seconds, but it is useless for automated non-interactive headless installations)
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                            I wrote that Oracle database products are typically installed by the Oracle Universal Installer, but already removed the statement before seeing your reply because it was irrelevant to answer your question.

                            Personally I do not share your view of Oracle's part in regard to any of the claims you have made. RPM is certainly not a suitable distribution method for every Oracle Database product, and in my opinion has nothing to do with Open Source, the topic of your post or the commitment of Oracle to support Red Hat. Anyway, you are free to be annoyed about the Oracle software support and deployment, but this forum is probably not the right address.
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                              @Dude it is not about barking for sake of barking. Although, in most cases when an individual has to deal with with a big software fish, she eventually hits the wall she can only bark on.

                              I simply have a very simple technical problem.
                              I need to test software I write using continuous integration service at https://travis-ci.org/ where everything is automated with scripts (headless Linux VMs).
                              Let's forget about Oracle XE database, as I don't need it, and focus on Instant Client libraries. My question is as simple as this:

                              How can I install Oracle Instant Client libraries on remote headless system using non-interactive shell commands?

                              Best regards,
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                                How can I install Oracle Instant Client libraries on remote headless system using non-interactive shell commands?
                                If you had mentioned that in your initial post we could have probably avoided some of this discussion altogether. ;-)

                                As far as I'm aware, there is no feasible, legal or reasonable way to download and install software from OTN using command line tools like curl, wget or yum. The download relies on web cockies and a web browser interface to accept the license agreement.

                                There is a dedicated Instant Client forum. Perhaps you find more help there.
                                Instant Client
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                                  I assumed my complain on not being able to grab packages straight from oss.oracle.com is enough to explain use case.

                                  I'll have to grab the Oracle software on my private server as intermediate point from which I can serve them to my remote headless VMs.
                                  These kind of artificial obstacles are what I call lack of commitment at Oracle.
                                  Yes, now I bark - at bureaucratic idiocy :)

                                  Best regards,
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                                    Btw, if you have access to Oracle support, the software download for Linux offers to save a shell script that uses wget to download the files. However, it only works for 48 hours, so it might not be what you are looking for.
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