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    Broken/missing images/CSS/JS in apex.oracle.com workspace

      I've noticed a serious problem in my apex.oracle.com workspace. The bulk of the image, style sheet, and JavaScript files in the repository are broken or missing. Rows exist for them in the Shared Components Cascading Style Sheets, Images, and Static Files reports, but the preview images are broken, no CSS shows in Style Sheet Details when a CSS file is opened etc.

      Requests for these resources in applications get a successful HTTP 200 response from the server, but the Content-Length is 0.

      Files uploaded in the last couple of months are OK, but the content of the older ones—dare I say those pre-dating the APEX 4.2 upgrade?—all appears to be missing.

      Anyone else experienced this?

      Can someone from Oracle take a look? Workspace ID is 1783790504717412479.

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          I looked in your workspace.

          1) I can easily see that the images associated with your shared component images are gone.

          2) I find no occurrence of these files in your APEX_APPLICATION_FILES, nor in the entire common upload table.

          3) I viewed the log of the Automatic Delete File process, and none of these files were there.

          Thus, I do not know the exact cause of this deletion. Additionally, I don't believe there is any more information available to assist in the diagnosis of this problem/action. I am not aware of any other users of apex.oracle.com reporting this problem.