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    Installation User

      I have production machine is linux box.Already running obiee10g with user account name is biadmin.Now i have plan to install OBIEE11g same box.Now can i use user same user (biadmin) for installation OBIEE11g or need to create seperate account.If possible to use same user account it will impact 10g or ?

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          Rupesh Shelar

          there is separate process for installing obiee11g mdf and dev_biplatform schema that u have to create in rcu utility


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            Could you pls let me know Linux user account not RCU account.

            In OBIEE10g installad using biadmin user.
            The user can i use again for 11g installation.
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              Is this biadmin unix account or OBIEE one.?

              If you question is about unix account then yes you can install OBIEE using this account also but because the OBIEE 10g installation was already existing the ports 9704 port and 9703 port for BI Server and saw server will already be used by OBIEE 10g.When you install OBIEE 11g during installation use different ports like Analytics and BI Server , saw server an so on. You can keep the weblogic admin server on 7001 port if you previous OBIEE 10g was not using weblogic ..

              Refer to : http://shivabizint.wordpress.com/2010/10/08/install-obiee-11g-on-same-obiee-10g-server-with-new-ports-configuration/

              However this is not recommended by oracle and might not support if your planning for production, you will have to check with oracle on this.

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                Thanks.I am asking UNIX account only.In OBIEE10g unix account (biadmin ulimit is 10240) but 11g ulimit 4096 so is this problem for installing OBIEE11g.I can mange port configuration.But only i have doubts about unix account and ulimit
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                  Sasi  Nagireddy
                  No we need to have separate user for this
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