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    forward all user messages

      Hi Guys,
      i'm running Messaging 7u4-23.01( 64bit on Solaris SPARC and as described in the subject i need to forward all messages (incoming and outgoing) of a single user to a different email account.
      I tried with a filter like this in mailSieveRuleSource LDAP parameter of source user profile

      require ["copy"];
      #RULE: $Name="testfilter" $Order=1
      if anyof(true){
      redirect :copy "destination@domain.com";

      But it seems to work just for incoming messages.

      What's wrong?
      Any ideas?

      Thank you

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          The sieve filter on a user's LDAP entry will only be invoked for mail sent to the user, by from the user.

          It sounds like you are trying to do more than just forward mail sent to the user, but perhaps capture all traffic to/from the user for some monitoring or legal compliance reasons?

          Check out the following MOS knowledge article:

          With LDAP_CAPTURE, Is There A Way To Preserve The Actual Subject And From Address In The Captured Messages Instead Of Having It Encapsulated? (Doc ID 1470146.1)

          Also the following in the documentation:


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            Trying to understand the MOS article, seems i need to specify an attribute to check in LDAP_CAPTURE option file parameter.

            But I can't find out what i have to write inside this new user profile ldap attribute.

            Maybe the address where to forward all user traffic?

            thanks' in advance

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              on the wiki page :

              is stated :

              +.... The attribute used for this purpose must be specified with the LDAP_CAPTURE MTA option. There is no default. Values of this attribute are treated as addresses and a special “capture” notification is generated and sent to these address containing the current message as an attachment. Additionally, the capture addresses are used to seed the address reversal cache in the likely event the address will subsequently appear as an envelope from: address.+

              Cheers, Ben
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                It works.

                thank you so much to everyone.