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    Restarting the OBIEE environment in UNIX

      Hi All,

      I am new to obiee11g.please can share the steps restart the all services in Unix.
      present my environment is running. Let me know which I need to stop first and which servers stop next.
      Again which servers I need to start.

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          You may use opmnctl start command for the same, for other individual services look this post

          Or else use this link

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            For OBIEE 11g on Enterprise Install with BI on Managed and Weblogic on Admin Severs. Below are the start up and shut down scripts and their sequences.

            The start sequnces is:

            Node Manager (wls console and EM, scripts located in WLS_HOME/bin)
            AdminServer (scripts located under domain/bi_foundation/bin)
            BI Managed Server (scripts located under domain/bi_foundation/bin)
            Process Manager (Start all bi Services, scripts located at INSTANCE_HOME/bin, uses opmnctl -startall/status)

            The Scripts are:

            Node Manager: startNodeManager (cmd or sh)
            AdminServer: startWeblogic (cmd or sh)
            BI Managed Server: startManagedServer (cmd or sh)
            Process Manager: opmnctl startall

            Stop Sequence:
            The reverse order needs to be followed to stop Services.

            opmnctl stopall
            stopManagedServer (cmd or sh)
            stopWeblogic (cmd or sh)
            Node Manager: To stop nodemanager on unix directly kill the process. On windows if registered as a service stop node manager service.

            Hope this helps. Pls mark if it does.