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    Storage cells: System Events and System Defined Thresholds

      Hi, there,

      I have an Exadata V1 (yes, I do) and I recently saw this flag up as an alert on one of my storage cells:

      2 2013-02-19T17:15:50-05:00 critical "39:Temperature:Threshold based -- Upper Non-critical going high State: asserted"
      3 2013-02-19T17:15:50-05:00 critical "255:System Event:System Event -- PEF action : 7 State: asserted"
      4 2013-02-19T17:15:51-05:00 critical "39:Temperature:Threshold based -- Upper Non-critical going high State: deasserted"

      Basically, for one second, it appears that the temperature threshold was exceeded. This doesn't surprise me as the V1 machine is: a) very tightly compressed into a small box, b) is old, c) is HP.

      Because of a bug in our version of the ESS, we just use the system-defined thresholds on the storage cells. I have two questions:

      1) How can I find out the system-defined thresholds - or at least the thresholds that the storage cell is using
      2) How can I find out what the 'System Event - PEF action: 7' is?