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    OEL 6.4 Installation Steps

      I was able to successfully install OEL6.4

      1. I get a login screen <machine name> login

      2. I enter my root credentials

      3. i am at root@<machine_name> prompt

      what steps do i need to take to configure my oracle server?
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          what steps do i need to take to configure my oracle server?
          What is it that you want to "serve"?

          If you are asking how to install, configure, and administer some sort of software that you have acquired from Oracle Corporation then this post of yours need to be relocated to a forum for that software. You will have to tell us whatever that additional software might be.

          If you are asking how to make your computer function with the Operating Environment known as Oracle Linux (also referred to as OL), then you need to go find documentation for OL.

          For that, you could start here:
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            I want to configure OL server.

            I do not know whether i have completely installed.

            i am at root@<machine_name> prompt now. How do i proceed from here?
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              You proceed nowhere.
              You have finished the installation. Now you just go use the OS.

              By default, there is no graphical environment. Oracle Linux is best intended to be a server OS on server hardware. It is NOT an end-user OS with a pretty GUI interface. You would have had to deliberately chosen to have the graphical components added when you began to installation.

              I suggest you learn by repeating the installation all over again and choose different options. Then go install it yet another time, choosing other different options. Repeat the installation as many times as you need to, until you are completely familiar with that process.
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                How do we enable GUI ?
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                  It is one of the choices offered to you when you begin the installation.
                  You customize the setup.

                  I'm beginning to think you may be doing all this far too soon for your current skillset.

                  Perhaps you need to read these forums instead of posting questions to them.

                  Take the Oracle Linux forum and read the past two years' of posts.
                  You won't understand everything, but you need to read them any way.
                  Then read an additional years' worth of its posts.

                  Then take the last two years' worth of posts in the Generic Linux forum and read them. When that is done, go read an additional year of posts from there as well.

                  The question of `how to get a GUI in OL` has already been asked a number of times in these forums. You would have found it if you had read older postings.

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                    Enterprise Linux is not Windows. You cannot use Enterprise Linux without having any clue or experience. I suggest you find some tutorials and other studying material.

                    Regarding GUI, this type of question happens frequently and the solution can be found searching this forum. Simply put, starting with RHEL release 6 there is no longer a GUI installed by default, which is why you are seeing a text only command prompt. You can install a graphical user interface during the initial installation or after the installation, or use alternative methods to run GUI based client software. Check the following link:

                    Re: Is there a GUI console for Oracle Linux