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    How to configure multiple IP addresses on one NIC?

    Marek H.

      I just installed a OVM Server in version 3.2.1 and the according VMManager. Now i wanted to try to configure the Server/Server Pool. Now i come across a problem, which was already a big problem in OVM 2 while configuring the Networks.
      All our OVM Servers have three NICs in them. One is for VMs and Management, the others are for connection to our SAN (Dell PowerVault MD 3220i). My problem is, that due to the network setup, the two NICs for storage need two IP addresses in two different networks each. This shouldn't be a problem, because usually in linux all you have to do is configure something like eth1:1. I remember having huge trouble configuring it in our OVM 2 cluster up to the point where I had to write a shell script to configure the second IP.
      Anyways, I have configured two of the storage networks on eth1 and eth2 of the VM Server. Now i cannot configure any more IP addresses, because eth1 and eth2 are not available anymore for configuration in a third network. I really hoped that it would be possible in OVM 3 to configure multiple IP addresses. And probably it is only my lack of knowledge of how to configure it.
      So any advice is well appreciated.


      Marek Hubatka