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    Header status of ASM Disk created by oracleasm

      Version Info:

      Grid Infrastructure --->
      OS ---> RHEL 5.8

      After the storage team attached the LUNs, our Linux admin team succesfully ran the following command from root
      # oracleasm createdisk DISK127 /dev/sdm1
      But v$asm_disk.HEADER_STATUS still shows PROVISIONED as shown below. Shouldn't this be of the status CANDIDATE ? If so, what did we miss?
      set lines 200
      col name format a20
      col path format a26
      col mount_status format a20
      col header_status format a20
      select name, path, state, mount_status, header_status, total_mb,free_mb from v$asm_disk order by 1 ;
      NAME                 PATH                       STATE    MOUNT_STATUS         HEADER_STATUS          TOTAL_MB    FREE_MB
      -------------------- -------------------------- -------- -------------------- -------------------- ---------- ----------
                           ORCL:DISK127               NORMAL   CLOSED               PROVISIONED                   0          0