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    Windows Load Balancing 2008 R2 Server, in Multicast Mode


      We are experiencing a problem setting up windows load balancing with (NLB) IIS . The selected mode is multicast , however after we setup the NLB cluster IP , we cannot ping it outside the OracleVM infrastructure. This applies as well if we try to access it from another VM inside OracleVM.

      We can access the private IP's however the cluster IP does not respond when the cluster is in multicast mode.

      We have programmed the switches which are layer 2 for static ARP mappings on all connected ports.

      Still the problem remains

      Does oracle VM 3.2.1 support NLB clustering for IIS servers in multicast mode?

      is there any setting that we need to adjust so that the mac of the cluster responds to requests from physical hosts connected to the OracleVM network ?