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        OraErrorDetector wrote:
        Thanks bigdelboy for the info,

        however i have received an email from Oracle Certification Team Saying "Oracle Certification Course Submission Requires Attention" and they asked me to provide them a scanned copy of my Hands-on course attendance and i provided that, which makes me wonder; how come oracle gives a training without keeping a record of the members and their attended courses and i thought it should be a straight forward process , so in case if they are not happy with what i've sent i'm not going to be an OCP ??

        can some one from the Oracle.com Company help me to answer those question , since the online-chatting is only available to US and Canada

        please any one , i'm a bit lost here since i have paid more than 3000$ for that course and now they are saying it needs Attention ?? i spent sleepless nights studying and preparing and finally that's what happened , sorry i'm frustrated and sad.

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        Sometimes in this dates are everything. For me answering on the forum failure to give precise and relevant information makes it hard to give reasoned precise advice.

        Date1: ddMMMyyyy Took course @ OU/WDP
        Date2: ddMMMyyyy Submitted Course Verification Form
        Date3: ddMMMyyyy Received email inidicating course submision form requires attention

        If Date3 is very recent, in general terms of the thread i suspect it is, thought we are not helped by this being a not being your own unique thread, and particualry if Data1 is very old, then Oracle may need to do some cross verification; which may take time. Unfortunately there is a fully blossemed worldwide trade in fake certificates, and there has been for years, and Oracl needs to try to do some authenication. I think your trianing was directly with OU; so records should be better, but I would not be surprised if there is archiving or gaps, if your training was with a third party, espeically some WDP partners then things might be a particular problem. But I think you should take the meaning that Oracle need some further steps to authenticate the faxed certificate you have sent. Probably the authentication process requires more than immediate first line support. But IMHO the email you have received certain inicates ar processing the authentication of your certificate.

        Apologies if this response is inappropriate as there are several posters in this thread and I am getting their facts muddled. One has indicatd taking the course a while ago, i have now re-read this and this is not you. Parts of this answer are applicable however
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          Brandye Barrington-Oracle
          Just a reply to your question as to why the team would not be able to find a record of your training - some countries are not as diligent as others about reporting training records in the proper tools. We apologize for the inconvenience, but if you can scan and send your course completion certificate to the team as requested, they should be able to move your approval on through pretty quickly.

          Brandye Barrington
          Certification Forum Moderator
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            this issue has been resolved,
            now i can see credentials on certview,
            thank you,
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              what is this Enrollment Number from your OU course which they are asking
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                992951 wrote:
                what is this Enrollment Number from your OU course which they are asking
                Your question makes no sense to me in this context, and may not be related to anything in this thread.

                Please take time to describe your problem fully, carefully and properly ... and ask the question in your own thread!
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                  Brandye Barrington-Oracle
                  It is best if you start a new thread for this unrelated topic, but if you are submitting the course form and it is asking for an enrollment number, it is a number you would have received from OU if you registered for an OU course - look in your confirmation email. If you took your course through Oracle Academy or WDP, you would not have received an enrollment number.

                  Brandye Barrington
                  Certification Forum Moderator
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