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        I don't have access to Oracle support, but it's good to know. Thanks.
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          Avi Miller-Oracle
          mloskot wrote:
          If Oracle claims that Red Hat is supported OS, then what is URL of Oracle's RPM repository with packages of Oracle Database XE 11g and related Instant Client for the supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux system, so I can install those packages with yum - the native package manager on those supported systems?
          As these packages are not Open Source, you need to accept the license agreement prior to downloading the packages. This is either done on OTN and then you download the packages manually, or if you have ULN access, as part of your ULN sign-up process. Once you have Oracle Linux support, the Oracle XE 11g and Instant Client RPMs are available in the Oracle Software channel (e.g. ol5_x86_64_oracle) for OL5 and the Instant Client is available for OL6. The oracleasmlib package is also in this channel.

          Note that MySQL is available on both ULN and public-yum.oracle.com for example, because it is both supported and Open Source.

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            I do accept license as if I didn't, I wouldn't even try to install Oracle products.
            For Oracle XE 10g, Oracle lawyers had no problem with that, suddenly, they decided they want to play important role in the installation process.

            So, I do agree once, then I download packages to my private server and deploy from there to my VMs.
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