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    session state value problem when using dynamic action

      Hi all,

      I have a problem when using a dynamic action on my page. Here is what i want to do, i have a region, which is a form region with few textfield ( textfield1, textfield2, textfield3). then i created a button in a different region. after that i create a dynamic action, which will be fire when user click the button, and the this will popup the form region, as a jquery dialog. when user click submit on the popup form, it will submit the page and run a process on the page. the problem here is that all of the value in the form textfields, is not save into the session state when submitting the page. this is my jquery code that i use in the dynamic action:

      $( this.affectedElements ).dialog({
      title: 'Popup Form',
      height: 370,
      width: 400,
      modal: true,
      "Submit": function() {
      showWait: true,
      request: 'SUBMIT'
      $( this).dialog( "close" );
      "Cancel": function() {
      $( this).dialog( "close" );

      the page is submitted when i click submit on the popup form, but no value save in the session state, and it broke my page process. is there anyway i can do to make it save all the value into session state so that i can use it in my page process?