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      Hi All,

      I know this could be weird question, can we simulate exadata in VM for training and learning purpose

      Thanks in advance

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          Yes very much possible, Oracle uses the same for there Trainings....

          How you do it I am not sure...
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            Marc Fielding
            An Exadata simulator VM environment exists, but it's restricted to Oracle internal use. Martin Bach wrote up a good summary of some of the issues involved at http://martincarstenbach.wordpress.com/2011/12/08/the-cause-for-and-against-the-exadata-simulator/


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              Thanks, as you said it restricted to oracle internal user. So I hope we have something in next few months
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                It is unlikely that Oracle will release this as it is a competitive advantage and the simulator would have Oracles proprietary code hence releasing it freely might have legal implications. Even till date you cannot legally posses Exadata manuals unless you own an Exadata machine as the documentation is part of the proprietary cell server storage software. Making the simulator available would lift that restriction. I do not think this would be made available to anyone outside of oracle and perhaps in the future a few select partners.