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    Need Help for installing Oracle VM and Oracle Linux 5.7


      I am new to Oracle VM. I need some help to install Oracle VM on my system.
      On top of Oracle VM I wanted to install Oracle linux 5.7 and some other application.
      Can any one please help me on this, like which Oracle VM I should install (Oracle VM Server or Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager)?
      After that what will be the process to install Oracle linux 5.7 ?

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          Erik Janssen-Oracle
          Oracle VM is a server based virtualisation solution. It would be suitable if you want to build a virtualised environment for many servers. This typical deployment scenario would be a consolidation of many servers into a single (or perhaps) a few servers. Oracle VM will run on the native hardware, no operating system needed.

          Virtualbox is aimed at desktop users who need a virtualised environment for e.g. testing purposes. It is not aimed at large production volumes where multiple users access the environment. Virtualbox will run on top of a native operating system. I reckon that you are looking for this virtualisation tool.

          Check the [url http://linux.oracle.com/documentation/]Oracle Linux website for installation guidance for OEL 5.