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    Field Refresh Within Studio

    Ken Waters
      Hi All,

      Found an annoyance recently involving the mass change of fields. It was a simple matter of changing the font for a few hundred fields on 1 of our FAPs and the result was unexpected. The fields changed are barcode fields and after the "increase" in font size, the physical representation on the FAP resource is now barely visible. The only way Ive managed to get them to display properly is by checking/unchecking an option. This is likely triggering some sort of refresh function within studio. Is there some way to avoid doing this one at a time. I have far too many fields here to be spending my day with mindless repetitive clicking :-/

      Thanks in advance!
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          I can't tell if you are indeed just having an annoyance of if you have something you should report to support. The exact steps to encounter the problem are unclear.

          First, you mention changing the font on a few hundred fields on 1 FAP. That's a lot of fields for a single FAP. :) However, you did not state the method you used to "change" the field fonts. Did you use Search and Replace while the FAP was open in the manager? Or the Conversion / Chanage multiple sections wizard? Or did you simply replace the font in the FXR with a newly imported one? Or use some other method to accomplish the replacement?

          Next you say you "increased" the font size, but your barcode fields became smaller. It would be helpful if you could identify the type of barcode fields you were using and the font definitions in question. Although normally we expect the named size of a font to be relative to the other fonts, in reality this is just a name. I could have a 6 point font and name it as though it were a 36 point. I'm not saying that you did this, but having more details about the font family and metrics might be helpful. Is the font you changed one of the standard fonts provided by Oracle or was it one that you imported into the FXR yourself?

          Finally, you mention that to correct the problem you check/uncheck an option, but you did not state which option. Again, is this something you are doing in the checked-out file in the manager or are you talking about Conversion wizard options?

          So, if you can provide a clearer picture of the steps you perform when encounting and solving the problem, this might help someone provide a suggestion of how to avoid the issue.
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            Ken Waters
            Sorry for the confusion.

            First, I was changing a unique barcode across 100's of different FAPs. It is a data matrix format barcode.
            The ID within studio is 23057. I am not sure if that ID is the same for all users of the product but hopefully it is for our sake of being on the same page :-)

            Initially, I changed it at the source level by swapping in 23059. Since late February, I have discovered studio's ability to change fonts across any number of sections. I then tried to use the conversion tool to do the change hoping to see my annoyance vanish but it had the same affects. The barcode, which was formally 23057 on each of my FAPs was functionally converted to 23059 which was good... but while viewing the changed resources in studio... they are microscopic in size, and the only way to get it to "refresh" itself to its actual size it by manipulating an option. Virtually setting/unsetting any option causes the field to refresh to it's proper orientation. (The options mentioned are in the field options pane while the resource is checked out.)

            Since it is working for functional cases for the user, I am just leaving it as is till someone knows of a way to fix the visual ailment within studio.
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              Bryan Burr-Oracle
              Please log a Service Request with Oracle Support so that the display issue can be addressed in a future patch. Please post the SR number here and reference the post in the SR.