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    gcagent.log reports unsupported protocol


      Upgrading from OEM 11g to OEM 12c from the ENterprise Manager 12c Upgrade Console using the 2-System method I have just switched over the agents on each node of a two-node RAC cluster. Things are mostly reporting correctly.

      However in the gcagent.log and gcagent_errors.log file on each node I see the following error reported -

      2013-03-11 09:24:14,862 [33:HTTP Listener-33 - /emd/main?X-ORCL-EMOV=4.0.0&X-ORCL-EMCV=] ERROR - unsupported protocol
      2013-03-11 09:24:14,880 [33:HTTP Listener-33 - /emd/main?X-ORCL-EMOV=4.0.0&X-ORCL-EMCV=] ERROR - unsupported protocol

      I have searched and am unable to find an explanation of this error. There are scan listeners on each of these boxes and OEM 12c shows them as being unavailable. The regular listener is reported as up.

      I am not sure where to look for an explanation of this problem and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you.
      Bill Wagman