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    Past Three Months data

      I need to display the past three months' data, may be using a filter or function in Oracle BI Answer. Is there anyone who can help me with this? Your solution will be highly appreciated!

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          Use the Timestampadd function along with the date column you have and you should get what you need. Here are a couple blog posts for pointers on how to use the function:

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            Hi Jai,

            I have an issue with the AGO function.
            I have used a formulae some thing like below.

            Ago("XXX"."X" , "YYY"."Y"."Month" , 3)

            Similarly like for month 2 and month 1.Well the point is I need a ytd bal for the prev 3 months and current month too.
            When I pass the filter as APR-2012 im getting data for APR-12,MAR-12,FEB-12,JAN-12 But
            When I pass the filter as MAR-2012 im only getting data for MAR-12,FEB-12,JAN-12 but could not get data for DEC-11

            Please help me out


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              Sasi  Nagireddy
              Which version ur using?

              If it is 11 we have period rolling time series function right.You can go with that.

              PERIODROLLING(Measure,Starting Period offset,Ending Period Offset)

              Do let me know for the updates?

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                Sasi  Nagireddy
                Can u close the thread if it is answered.

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                  Hi Nagireddy,

                  Starting Period and Ending period should dynamically change.
                  I cannot pass the starting value as X and Ending value as Y

                  Thank You,