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    Jobs on multiple level

      Hi All,

      i need some help on the viewing the production plans at multiple BOM level. Here's my issue:

      Part ABCD is a Finished part and to make it we need, "XYZ123" part.
      To make XYZ123 we need EFGH123 part
      To make EFGH123 we need 12345.

      The BOM is also defined in the same way one under another, as per the production schedule we Make to order using (ATO - Assemble to Order) process were we can identify the Sales order line part and associate (automatically creates a work order) it with the work order.

      The issue is:

      We need to create the whole BOM on order, means to make ABCD

      we have to make: XYZ123, EFGH123 and 12345 and this must or shall be able to track under the Job number associated to ABCD. Is there any standard way in Oracle or out of box functionality we can user to fulfill our requirement.