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    Updating Layouts linked to an Integrator


      We currently are on EBS, and are testing to upgrade to 12.1.3.

      I came across this note:

      GL Journal Issue: Web ADI Layout For GL Journal in 11i Are Missing in R12 After Migration [ID 1346258.1]

      And so changed the parameters for a function from:

      bne:page=BneCreateDoc&bne:noreview=true&bne:integrator=JOURNALS_115&bne:layout=USER_NAME:Budgets - Single,USER_NAME:Encumbrances - Single,USER_NAME:Budgets - Multiple (UOM)&bne:validation=Y


      bne:page=BneCreateDoc&bne:noreview=true&bne:integrator=JOURNALS_120&bne:layout=USER_NAME:Budgets - Single,USER_NAME:Encumbrances - Single,USER_NAME:Budgets - Multiple (XX_Custom)&bne:validation=Y

      The problem is now that when users choose the menu option linked to this function, they only see these Layouts:

      1. Budgets - Single
      2. Encumbrances - Single

      The other one is missing:
      Budgets - Multiple (XX_Custom)

      If I run this SQL:
      SELECT fa.application_short_name appl
           , bit.integrator_code
           , bit.user_name
           , bit.creation_date
           , blb.layout_code
           , blt.user_name user_name_tl
        FROM bne.bne_integrators_tl bit
           , bne.bne_layouts_b blb
           , bne.bne_layouts_tl blt
           , applsys.fnd_application fa
       WHERE bit.integrator_code = blb.integrator_code
         AND blb.layout_code = blt.layout_code
         AND bit.application_id = fa.application_id
         AND bit.integrator_code = 'JOURNALS_120';
      I can see the layouts associated with integrator "JOURNALS_120", and it confirms that "Budgets - Multiple (XX_Custom)" is not one of the associated layouts.

      I wondered how we go about updating the "JOURNALS_120" integrator to include the "Budgets - Multiple (XX_Custom)" layout? Can I do it using a responsibility, or does it involve technical work via e.g. LDT files?

      Any advice much appreciated.


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          Giuseppe Bonavita
          It seems that your layout is gone somewhere during the upgrade.

          first I would check if the layout is still there.

          select * from bne_layouts_vl where user_name = 'Budgets - Multiple (XX_Custom)'

          if there, then check the integrator app id and integrator code columns. you might have to update them to the same value of other associated layout.

          if the layout is not there, you have two (three) options: 1) create the layout from Desktop Integrator responsibility 2) migrate the layout through fndLoad 3) open an SR

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            Hi Giuseppe, thanks v. much for your help.

            Yes, running:

            select * from bne_layouts_vl where user_name = 'Budgets - Multiple (XX_Custom)'

            Does return data. However, the application_id = 231 (Web Applications Desktop Integrator), while the application_id linked to the journals_120 = 101 (General Ledger).

            Presumably we can't just do a direct update on the table to change the application_id for our custom layout to 101 can we?

            Thanks again
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              Giuseppe Bonavita
              difficult question... update or not update...

              I guess you are in a test environment, so I would update the table, and test thoughtfully.

              what was the application id in the source environment? if it changed, then you should check with who performed the upgrade.

              if instead the integrator application id changed, then you might ask a patch from oracle.

              Least but not last, if your manager is in a hurry and s he is against direct update on the table, go front end and recreate it - it takes 10 minutes. however this introduces another step and dependencies in the system upgrade process, and you might want to have as few as possible steps in it.