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    Question regarding Overflow


      We use Acord Standard for XML, I am getting multiple party nodes for the beneficiaries which have common tc code. But number of beneficiaries are unknown at run time transaction.

      So we put Overflow Counter at XDD level and used Incovsym rule to implement the section overflow to display the list of beneficiaries in Form which is working pretty well.

      But we have a requirement to get the particular instance of Beneficiary for eg., we need Third, Fourth and Fifth beneficiaries in the list of available beneficiaries. Not sure how can we parse the particular instance?

      Does any body have any idea ?

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          Mr Peabody-Oracle
          In the field properties under the Rule section, the "Record" member can be set to the occurrence that you want. It is important to note that the record number is added to any overflow symbol or instance you have also defined and associated with the field. So, if you are using an overflow symbol and that is set to 4 and the record count of the field property is set to 3, then you will get the 7th item.