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    List of SQL Developer Data Modeler bugs

      1. Partially-null composite unique keys do not duplicate as partially null when used with foreign keys. That is, the original columns maintain their null/notnull status but all the columns created by the FK come out as notnull (Mandatory) and cannot be changed.

      2. There is no DDL generation for dropping sequences.

      3. Multiline table comments are not handled properly in DDL.

      4. Negative UI element labels result in double negative checkboxes. Beware of negative UI element labels -- especially with checkboxes. The most obvious ones I see at the moment are "Source Optional" and "Target Optional" in Relation Properties on logical models. "Optional" is negative, and unchecked is negative, resulting in user fuzziness when these boxes are unchecked. Better would be to change labels to Source Required and Target Required (or "Mandatory" if this term is preferred).