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    Solaris Cluster 4.1 on T4-4 servers

    Raghu Suresh
      Hi All,

      I have to implement the following environment for Oracle E-Business environment:

      1. T4-4 servers - 2 in number for Oracle Database - Solaris 11.1 with Solaris Cluster 4.1.
      2. T4-2 servers - 2 in number as Application servers.
      3. T4-2 servers - 2 in number as DMZ servers.
      3. ZFS 7320 in Cluster mode.

      At the DR site, there are two T4-2 servers for Application & DMZ and 1 T4-4 for Database with one ZFS 7320c.

      All the servers also have 10G ports in addition to onboard Ethernet interfaces. There are no Fibre Channel HBA cards. There are two 72 port switches for 10 G for redundancy. Only the DMZ and application servers connect to the external network.

      Considering the hardware infrastructure, can anyone please answer the following:

      1. Should I use 10G interfaces for the public network on Oracle Solaris Cluster nodes or should I use on-board network interfaces while doing the Solaris Cluster 4.1 installation?

      2. My concern is that If I use the 10G interface, I won't be able to use Oracle Dataguard for replication of Oracle Database at DR site. Please correct me if I am wrong.