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    FMW Webtier upgrade question

      I am a newbie to FMW so this question maybe stupid.

      I have a Linux 64 bit server running WEBLOGIC 10.3.5 and FMW Webtier

      I successfully upgraded weblogic to 10.3.6. I upgraded my domain and nodemanager as well. I am able to successfully start nodemanager as well as weblogic.

      I want to upgrade FMW Webtier from to on this machine. So I downloaded ofm_webtier_linux_11. and installed (not configured) webtier

      My question is: Do I need to "configure" the upgraded webtier? When I try to configure using config.sh script, it wants to create a new instance (instance2) because instance1 already exist. Is this something I need to do in order to have a completely successful upgrade of webtier to

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          Erik Janssen-Oracle
          I haven't got a chance to do any webtier patching myself but from [url http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/doc.1111/e16793/toc.htm]documentation it seems that you need to apply patch [url https://updates.oracle.com/ARULink/PatchDetails/process_form?patch_num=13516876]13516876 to your existing Middleware home rather than install a new one. There should be no additional steps afterwards :
          If you are installing Oracle Identity Management, Oracle Business Intelligence, or Oracle Web Tier, then you must perform a software only install and select the existing Middleware home and Oracle home you want to patch. There is no need to configure or re-configure your existing software.
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            Thanks for your response Erik.

            I downloaded the patch (p13516876_111160_Linux-x86-64.zip) you noted and the contents and size of the patch is exactly the same as the full install (ofm_webtier_linux_11. that I downloaded.

            So I think the (ofm_webtier_linux_11. can be used as a completely new install of webtier or upgrading existing software.
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              Erik Janssen-Oracle
              Ah yes, webtier patch set will indeed allow you to do a new install.

              According to the documentation, it should automatically update your instance configuration files. You could check your opmnctl program (MW_HOME/INSTANCE_HOME/bin/opmnctl) to see what it says :
              # Define the command actions and usage descriptions
              $OracleInstance = '/refresh/app/oracle/product/Middleware_ClassicProducts/asinst_1';
              $OracleHome = '/refresh/app/oracle/product/Middleware_ClassicProducts/as_1';
              taken from a Classic Products install

              Does it point to the new WT ORACLE_HOME or does it point to the old 11.1.1.x one?