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    Populate a table with refresh group results

      Hi everyone,

      I need a little help.

      I am working on an Oracle in Windows environment.

      I have a table I created like this:
      Table name: DIM_REPLICA

      COD_SEZ VCHAR2(2)
      NOME_SEZ VCHAR2(20)
      FLAG CHAR(1)

      On this DB I have 210 refresh groups executing every night. I need to populate this table with the outcome of the refresh groups.

      So when the refresh group called for example ROME runs I need written on the table the name ROME in the "NOME_SEZ" field, a Y or a N if the refresh group worked correctly in the FLAG field and the LAST_DATE the refresh group ran in the D_REPLICA field. The COD_SEZ field is a code I get from other things. It is not needed at the moment. I can add it myself on me own.

      Can anyone please help me?

      I was looking on SYS tables DBA_JOBS and DBA_REFRESH for this data, but I am not sure what to take and how to populate the table. Trigger? Procedure? Any help will be great!

      Thank you all in advance!