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    Removing buttons from QueryPannel


      I want to customize my query panel for basic search only and want to have only the serach button in the panel.
      How can i remove the other buttons like Reset,advanced,saved?

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          Varun Jain-Oracle
          Go to Query panel properties inspector and set Display mode = simple.

          Refer: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E28389_01/apirefs.1111/e12419/tagdoc/af_query.html
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            Thanks Varun,

            If i am displaying the mode as Simple its removing the search button also and also there is a white space above the Match Type.

            My requirement is to remove the search header (including the space allocated to that) ,and keep the search and reset buttons.

            How can i do that?

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              To hide saved search and Advanced option in query panel.
              In Property Inspector , under Appearance tab you can set SaveQueryMode to hidden and ModeChangeVisible to false.

              And in search criteria under UI Hints tab you can un-check the "Show match all or any option too.

              This will result in only two buttons in Query panel Search and Reset.

              i don't think we can remove the space used by search header only u can remove the header text.

              these are the only properties available for customization undet default display mode.

              hope this might help you :)