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    Hardware based Virtualization x86

      I been wanting to mess with Solaris for a number of years. I've finally managed to get it installed, and kind of in a 'now what' situation. I've been a FreeBSD and Linux user for over a decade, and I have production services running on FreeBSD. So what I would really like to do, is play with Virtualization. I realize Solaris is not Linux and it's not BSD; I don't need that lecture but, how does Solaris do Hardware Virtualization? FreeBSD, is abysmal with regard, Linux has KVM. Also, I'm not too interested in Zones, FreeBSD has jails, and these are not what I'm looking for, my FreeBSD production system is all jail based. All that said, what full virtualization solutions does Solaris 11 offer? I'm hoping something better than Virtualbox, but Search Results typically land me on a non-Solaris virtualization page.
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          Welcome to Solaris Land...

          I prefer to run Solaris on bare metal with real devices (not device files) and have used VirtualBox for testing on my laptop.
          For x86 based systems, your choices are VB, zones, or Oracle VM Server for x86, which was originally based on Xen.

          Start here:


          Let us know if you have any more questions.

          Thanks, Cindy