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    DBAdapter Connection Timeout

      Hi All,

      I have testcase scenario. Where i made my SQL Datasource down and ran the composite.
      as expected i got an error*, but the error is thrown to BPEL catch after 15 seconds.*

      is there any property to throw the fault as soon as it happening in BPEL.i do not want to retry the connection. so deleted the JCA retry properties.

      with properties


      any values i add in above properties are getting added to 15 seconds time period.

      Thanks in advance

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          i have added an timer to the invocation to my db adapter, for 5 sec. still the error triggered to bpel catch all was after 15 seconds :(

          i just confifured DBAdpater to select a query from DB.
          im fine with the error. but want that error tobe caught by my bpel in the next fraction of second.

          Thanks in advance
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            Is DbAdapter Inbound? Outbound? Polling? What type of operation is doing? Are you trying to automate the test?
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              Thanks for reply vlad.

              i have bpel with sequence of db adapters.
              it starts with polling data, next one function call then comes data reading from sql server(select query based on some where clause)

              and my probelm is in reading from sql server.

              yeah the composite works for every 10 seconds.

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                and Vlad i tried QueryTimeout option but didnt get anything useful.
                i think its waiting for connection. When Datasource in console is made down.

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                  Hi Sujan,

                  As a side note, I'd like to add that even though I understand it's a valid test you trying to perform, I don't think to raise an exception straight away without any retry is a desirable situation in a prod environment...

                  Getting back to your quest, I'm not sure where the 15sec delay is, but I don't think it's in the composite as it seems you already tweaked pretty much everything.

                  I'd go for two other suspects, the DbAdapter and the data source...

                  Firstly, on Weblogic Console go to Deployments > DbAdapter > Configuration > Outbound Connection Pools... then choose your connection from the list and go to Connection pool... There are connection retry parameters, timeout and test connection parameters there to check...

                  Then, have a look into Services > Data Sources > your-data-source > Connection Pool > Advanced... I would leave Test Connections On Reserve checked and again there's many timeout and connection retry parameters there to be checked...

                  Please let me know how you go...

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                    Vlad. Thanks for suggestions.

                    didnt get any luck with those properties and changes in them.
                    appreciate your help.