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    Is there any negative performance implications with a large ear file?

      I just doubled our company's ear file from 20MB to 50MB by adding some new framework libraries.
      This has been brought to my attention by a couple other developers.
      Is there anything wrong with this? The size increase is due to including more jar files for jasper pdf rendering and additionally I added a bunch of javascript libraries for jQuery, DataTables, and JQPlot(graphing capabilities).
      I could have slimmed down some of the file size especially with the javascript libraries. However, I choose to throw it all in there including examples, etc., which I figured could be useful for future development. So I have been liberal with everything I have included in the framework.
      Have I sinned in some regard? Please expound either way.
      My rationale is I see negatives with only including necessary code(not good for adding additional functionality). Like if I'm just doing a bar chart now, it could evolve into a line chart so leave it there. Also, it would be great to include the examples as well.
      Please weigh in. : )