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    Solaris 11.1 Grub failure

      Hi all I've just downloaded the latest Solaris 11.1 live image and burnt it to a DVD and booted up all OK.
      However when I actually install it to the local drive it fails to boot, giving me a grub recovery prompt. ?
      In another life I used to teach people Solaris 11 and I have never seen this problem before.
      I know that 11.1 has a new version of Grub, but I didn't think that would stop a "bog standard" install from working.

      I can't find any real references to this problem anywhere on the net and specifically a fix, so I thought I'd ask here.
      I have checked the formatting of the target internal drive (its a Dell laptop, so only has one) from the live image boot and its got
      A Fdisk Solaris 2 partition with an SMI label on it with S0 setup to be 20GB.
      The install seems to be building the root pool OK as I can access it by "zpool import -f -P rpool" after booting back up from the live DVD.

      Any ideas would be greatly received.