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    Two Factor Authentication with Oracle Messaging Server for SMTP

      Hello All,

      Apologies if I may ahve posted this in the wrong forum.

      I am evaluating the use of Oracle Messaging Server as the MTA for us. One critical factor in doing so is integrating this with a two factor authentication system. What I want to achieve is some sort of custom authentication for SMTP. So the user will enter a combined password.
      a 4-5 digit dynamic password follwoed by the standard LDAP password. I want this module to now split this combined password, send the dynamic pass to our server which ahs its own authentication emchanism and send the LDAP apssword to the Sun Directory Server.

      We are using the following setup -

      Oracle Communication Messaging Server CommsInstaller version R7u2 (7.2-0.36 [])
      SunOS server 5.10 Generic_147148-26 i86pc i386 i86pc

      Has anyone tried to achieve something similar in the past? Can we use some sot of SASL emchanism.

      Does OCMS support LDAP proxy and/or radius authentication?

      Any help is immensely appreciated.

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          The SMTP server supports what is referred to as third party authentication. To take advantage of this you would need to provide all of the authentication code, however -- there's no way to do part of the authentication and then pass control back to the messaging server for the rest. So you'd need to do both password checks, one of which is presumably done via LDAP auth, yourself.

          As far as LDAP proxy and RADIUS, we use a standard LDAP simple bind. The ODSEE LDAP proxy is often used in OCMS deployments, so that is a known good solution. We don't directly support RADIUS; the aforementioned third party authentication could be used to tie into such a system.

          - Jeff
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