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      how to migrate from 5 sql tables data(around 25000 entries each) to oracle database(in 1 table)? i want java code and as well as pl/sql code or the logic. with multthreading can it be done or not?following are steps:
      1. in sqldatabase i hav tables 1-5 with around 25000 entries each.
      2. i want to transfer all the entries to oracle database in 1 table.
      how to do it?
      anyone can help me??
      please help me if anyone knows

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          You don't actually say in which database the 5 SQL tables are located but if they are in a database supported by the SQL*Developer migration workbench then you can use that product to migrate the data.
          If they are in another Oracle database then there will be other forums that could help you with the coding.

          If they are in a non-Oracle database then you can find more information about SQL*Developer, including the download, here -


          then information about migrating from non-Oracle databases here -


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