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    Urgent Weblogic startup


      I deleted startweblogic.cmd in my domain.I want start my domain now.

      Kindly help me.

      J Manivel
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          If the environment is Unix you can still use below


          If not from backup or same kind of domain get startweblogic.cmd and edit from notepad.

          and configure path of the domain set DOMAIN_HOME=xxxxxx

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            Its simple to get the startWeblogic.cmd file that you have deleted in windows machine. Check in recycle bin and restore the file.

            else create new domain using same Weblogic version server in another location in the system.

            So you can see the startWeblogic.cmd file in newly created domain.

            Copy that new startWeblogic.cmd and change the path with old domain where you have deleted the file.

            finally run setWLSEnv.cmd file in your old domain and run the startWeblogic.cmd ( newly created ).

            Revert me if you have not fixed this issue.

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            Ramprakash Arun.
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              Hi J Manivel,

              Which startWebLogic.cmd did you delete? In every WebLogic setup, two of these scripts get created:
              1. One is found in %MIDDLEWARE_HOME%\user_projects\domains\%DOMAIN_HOME%
              2. One is found in %MIDDLEWARE_HOME%\user_projects\domains\%DOMAIN_HOME%\bin

              If you deleted the one in location 1, this is no problem at all as the startWebLogic.cmd only calls the one in location 2. Use the one in location 2 and the WebLogic server will start up no problem.

              If you deleted the one in location 2, you will need to find a startWebLogic.cmd script used for another WebLogic domain and modify any paths which correlate to the domain you are using now similar to what someone else mentioned in this thread.

              Scott (PITSS)
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