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    Is it possible to create financial plan for cost budget when ?

      Hello Experts,

      I am in situation where customer is currently using budgetory control enabled features and creating / maintaining cost budgets using oracle Form based budgets. Now after using for so many years, suddenly they choose not to use it. Instead they want financial plans to use for cost and revenue budgeting.

      When We have run UPG : Upgrade budget type process it results into no data found and cannot able to help me in upgrading financial plan.

      I think if the budgetory control is enable then we must need to create the cost budgets using Oracle Smart Forms. Am I rght?

      If I am right then what would be work around? As I cannot ask them to create a new project & close exsting project because lots of PO & REQ are still open.

      Lets say though they wanted to closed those PO & REQ and wanted to disabled budgetory control option on project they must need to diasable encumbrance acconting from Ledger. In that case what would be the overall impact? And what is gurantee whether system allow them to updgrade the budget to financial plan?

      Has someone trapped and escaped from such kind of situation ever before?

      Please help...